Thanks to the generous donations and support of our families, we have already begun construction of the third phase of our campus enhancements. This includes an athletic field, four tennis courts, an innovation center, two music classes, a field house with a weight room, an observatory, additional parking spots, and an extra exit to ease traffic during arrival and dismissal times. All of these improvements are expected to be completed by Summer 2024.

As we continue to grow, we are excited to announce our transition to the fourth phase of our campus master development plan, which entails the addition of a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center. This multi-purpose facility will boast a 600-seat auditorium, ample parking, visual arts studios, dance and music classrooms, a digital art & broadcasting studio, and more. The Performing Arts Center will be constructed over the parking area adjacent to the gym. Our architects are diligently working on the design, and soon, we'll be unveiling the first draft to our school community for feedback.

A performing arts center in a STEAM school is invaluable for students. It not only reinforces the arts' role in STEM but also offers them a tangible space to explore and grow. Arts are central to fostering students' creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. Through performances, students enhance their communication and teamwork skills and gain exposure to diverse cultures and histories.  Such a facility emphasizes our school's commitment to nurturing every student's academic, artistic, social, emotional, and intellectual abilities.

This year's annual fundraising campaign is dedicated entirely to the FSA Performing Arts Center. We've set an ambitious yet achievable goal of raising $1,000,000.

The success of our annual fundraiser is deeply intertwined with the collective efforts of the entire Fulton Science Academy family. This year, we are aiming for 100% participation, as every donation, irrespective of its size, propels us towards our goal of constructing the Performing Arts Center—a space dedicated to nurturing our students' artistic pursuits, and offering them a platform to explore, innovate, and go beyond traditional academics.

As a token of our gratitude, families who generously donate $2,500 or more will be honored with a commemorative brick at our school entrance.

Moreover, for those looking to make a significant impact, we are introducing naming and sponsorship opportunities soon, which presents a unique chance for both individuals and corporations to cement a lasting legacy while championing our students' education.

Please note that all donations are tax-deductible, and if you have the capacity for donation matching, it will be immensely beneficial in furthering our mission.

At the core, your contributions are not just financial—they are a testament to our shared vision for the school, shaping the future of our students in all areas, from science to arts. We deeply appreciate your unwavering support. Remember, we are STRONGER TOGETHER!